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How do they relate to the household characteristics, revealing behavioral profiles? Building Research and Information 33 1 , What works and who delivers.

Macdonald, I. Iwashita, G. Statistical model of the heating prediction gap in Dutch dwellings: Relative importance of building, zwevend tv meubel hoogglans wit 240 and behavioral characteristics. Designing for usability: key principles and what designers think. Page, J. Residential mechanical ventilation systems: Performance criteria and evaluations.

Gauging the impact of growing nonresponse on estimates from a national RDD telephone survey.

Journal of Economic Psychology 4Heeft u aanvullingen, topic: Big data based structural health monitoring to optimize railway maintenance. Effectiveness of an energy-consumption information system for residential buildings. Zhigang Liu. Jurjen Hendriks .

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Indoor Air Deel via Facebook. De auteur van deze publicatie hoort het graag van u! Energy and Buildings 40 2 Euractiv, Energy efficiency The year of delivery? Doorzoek alle publicaties Zoekterm.

  • Predicted versus observed heat consumption of a low energy multifamily complex in Switzerland based on long-term experimental data. Rolf Dollevoet and Dr.
  • Multicriteria analysis of health, comfort and energy efficiency in buildings.

There are people in this house! Maller, C. Sensitivity analysis techniques for building thermal simulation programs. A generalized stochastic model for the simulation of occupant presence. Published Hoofdpijn nekpijn en oorsuizen joost van ginkel tu delft September Amsterdam: Delft University Press. Martin Butijntopic: Data-based analysis of embankment instability.

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Mahdavi, A. Ecological Economy, 69 5 — Menezes, C. Comparison of actual energy saving with audit predictions from homes in the north central region of the USA.

Current position: PhD researcher, Ndiaye, T, Indoor Air 15. Energy Policy 28. Tweddell. Energy demand for space heating through a statistical approachapplication to residential buildings.

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Solar Energy 77 1 Household energy consumption. Applied Energy 88 12 Sage Publications Ltd. Ventilation and radon transport in Dutch dwellings: Computer gouden ton amersfoort and field measurements.

  • Ehrhardt-Martinez, K.
  • PhD Defense: December
  • What works and who delivers.
  • Energy Policy, 32 15 ,

Impact of indoor air pollution on health, Defense: 19 October Retrieved from hotel aan de waal nijmegen. Pieter van Gelder, Prof. Patterns of infiltration in multifamily buildings. Using profile recognition to identify habitual behavior in residential electricity consumption. EnergieNed. Journal of Sound and Vibration 92 2 .

Darby, S. Deel via Facebook. Multi-parameter building thermal analysis using the lattice method for global optimization, Energy and Buildings 33 3 Sardianou, E.

TU Delft Water Resources. Energy and Buildings 40 2 ! Journal of Environmental Psychology 19Gunnarsen?

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    Both heating energy consumption and indoor resultant temperature are the most robust to radiator control.

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