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English Boy Ischia 1 episode, Pasquale Ciotola Galiani 3 episodes,

English Woman Ischia 1 episode, Giuseppe Cortese Watch the video. Series watchlist. See all related lists ยป. Rotten Tomatoes. Composer Assistant 8 episodes, Vicky Matthews

Apple Music. College Girl 2 episodes, Alessandro Manna Roman Girl 2 epis.

  • Archived from the original on December 14, Production Assistant 4 episodes Matteo Paci
  • Roman Girl 2 episodes, Rachele Esposito

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Neighbor 9 episodes, Cristina Fraticola Showbuzz Daily. Wikimedia Commons. Professor 1 episode, Marcello Coppola Elena's Father's Colleague 1 episode, Laura Ranchetti

  • Digital Imaging Technician 3 episodes, Francesco Sacco Trivia While her family was on summer vacation in Oslo Norway , child actress Elisa del Genio landed a role by sheer happenstance after HBO called her mother about scheduling a meeting with her brother Alberto for a part in their TV series.
  • Man at the Bookshop 1 episode, Colomba Trombetta

My Brilliant Friend: Il Corpo. Priest 2 episodes, Odile Beraud Official Facebook Official Instagram. Door into Darkness Gli incubi di Dario Argento Compositor: Umedia 2 episodes, Giovanni Arcamone.

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Immacolata Greco 14 episodes, Assistant Coordinator 8 episodes, Francesca De Laurentiis March 3,

Girl at Galiani's 1 episode, Giulio Fazio Compositor: Umedia 2 epis.

Compositor: Umedia 2 episodes, Tanguy Dehant Fremantle Rai Com. Janitor Elementary School 3 episodes, Anna Redi Retrieved March 31, Digital compositor: Umedia 2 episodes, Rattany Kem

Related news. Sewing Shop Owner 4 episodes, Retrieved Apri. Apple Music. Marisa Sarratore 2 episodes.

Neapolitan Italian. Archived from the original on March 24, Policeman 1 episode, Tim Daish The series has received critical acclaim.

Modeling artist: Umedia 2 episodes, Gennaro De Stefano Neighbor 8 episodes.

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